Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy 9 Years!

For our anniversary, I asked friends where we should go, and everyone praised the Sun Dial Restaurant so we decided to go there for this year's anniversary dinner. The Sun Dial Restaurant is on top of the Westin Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. You can get free valet with your $75 food purchase. 

When we got there, the hostess said that she had to count in order to remember where our seats were. I didn't quite understand what she meant until we got to our table. The interior of the restaurant spins around so that you can see all of Atlanta which was so cool. I didn't realize that it actually spins around. And of course, when I say spin, I mean, very very slowly. It won't make you dizzy unless you look down at the floor where it is moving. We were at dinner for about two hours, and I believe were had two whole rotation of Atlanta. We missed the sunset which would have been nice, but it was still amazing to see all of Atlanta.

Our waitress had been working there since December of 1983!!! She was a bit chatty, and we didn't get water/soda refills very much but she was nonetheless very pleasant. At the end, she offered to take our pictures standing in front of the glass which I was surprised at since I feel like at some places, people are not as receptive to picture taking, but I was glad she offered.

Overall, I enjoyed this place, and I'm so glad we got a babysitter, and had some time to ourselves.

Braised Oxtail - This is so delicious!!! We also ordered the Spicy Garlic Shrimp, but ate that before I remembered to take a picture. Both were superb, but the Braised Oxtail was definitely my type of dish.

Raspberry Lacquered Duck Breast - This was served medium, and totally melted in my mouth. So delicious! The zucchini bread french toast (it's a bit hidden in the picture above) was a little drier, but with the sauce, I think it was perfect. The french toast was very good though.  

Brandon got the Wood Roasted Salmon. It came with sweet gnocchi which I had never tried before, and this was very, very good. The salmon was cooked perfectly and all the flavors together were so, so yummy. 

I saw the creme brulee on the menu, and knew right away that was what I wanted. Brandon wanted the molten cake, but that was vetoed. Sorry Brandon! The creme brulee did not disappoint. Just thinking about it now makes me want some so bad!

Selfies! We so need a selfie stick! 

What a brilliant idea! I thought it was so cool that I could look down right at the streets, and see everyone walking around. 

Here's to another year of us!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

on Bed-sharing

When I first admitted to friends about letting Mason sleep in our bed with us, I didn't know there was a term for it. We primarily allowed him to sleep in our bed because his crib was not yet put together, and since I had gone back to work, having that time together was so nice, even though we were just all sleeping. Mason would sleep in between us, and sometimes I would just stare at him while he slept. Creepy, I know! Some nights, he would start to turn horizontal, and I would wake up, centimeters away from the edge. You see, we only have a queen size bed so it is quite small for the three of us. However, I loved having him sleep with us. On the weekends, we would lay in bed, and snuggle for a little bit.

Eventually, he became a bit too big and we couldn't all sleep comfortably, so now we have moved to co-sleeping, which is yet another term that I wasn't familiar with. I had thought that I would prefer to have him sleep in his own room, but when it came time, I realized how nice it is to have him close by. On nights that he keeps us up, that does mean that the both of us are up. However, it is nice to have him close by. On the weekends, his little head would poke up and he would look around for signs of life. If I'm up already, I would hide so he can't see me. Weird, I know! But I just love watching him look around. Sometimes, he would lay there and look at his hands and just rub his bedding with his hand. I wonder what he's thinking about?

I am not sure if he will always stay in our room, but for now, we love co-sleeping!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Philosophy - Hope In A Jar Foundation

I was shopping at Ulta, and came across the new Hope In a Jar foundation. I have tried the Hope In A Jar moisturizer in the original formula, and wasn't too crazy about it. Some of you might go wide-eyed in disbelief, but it wasn't that great when I used it the last time. However, I saw this foundation, and have been looking to try something other than my Tarte foundations so I picked this up in shade #5 (although I think I might be more of a #6). They have eight shades. The foundation offers light to medium coverage which is perfect for me, as I am not looking for full coverage. The foundation is supposed to be "light-as-air" and I have to admit that it is definitely a lighter formula, and goes on the skin nicely. It does have broad spectrum spf 20, and my skin does not react to the spf. If you know me, I don't wear sunscreen or a lot of makeup with sunscreen because my skin will react to the sunscreen. However, my skin has not reacted to this foundation, and also both the Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour foundation and BB tinted primer. This foundation is oil-free, but still hydrating. If you are looking for a new foundation and for light-to-medium coverage, then I definitely recommend this one!
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blue Jeans

I seem to have such a hard time finding jeans that fit well and are still reasonably priced. One of the biggest issues of course is the length, as I am only 5'2". A lot of jean makers seem to have the longer length, but not the shorter length for us short ladies. Another issue is the fit. Jeans that fit well at the hips and waist doesn't always fit well at the calves. A third issue that I have been struggling with is find jeans that are not too low-waist but aren't up to my belly button. After Mason, I have a nice little post-partum present known as the bulge, and my old jeans are cut too low so the bulge sort of "bulges" out. I found these jeans from the Loft that I'm wearing below that helps with the bulge issue. They are still a little longer than I really care for, but I just fold them over as I love the wash and the fit. I did get these also which are the ankle length, but fits me perfectly, and also helps with the bulge!!! I have bought Loft jeans in the past, and although not my favorite, these two pairs have really changed my mind about their jeans so I'm looking forward to getting some more washes.

What are your biggest issues with jeans, and which brands are your favorites?

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shopping for a Baby Boy

These days, I buy more clothes for Mason than myself. It's mainly because he is outgrowing everything so fast. I have to stay on top of it as well since I feel like once I buy the next size up, I already have to be thinking about the size after that. One of my fears is running out of clothes in his size, and having to run to the store the day of to buy something that will fit him!

H&M has such cute baby clothes, and they have really cute boy clothes also. These are the items that I'm eyeing for my Mason!

He would be so cute in this! Doesn't hurt that it has an M on it already!

With no hair, Mason always reminds me of an old man. So naturally, cardigans would be perfect for him. This one has elbow patches. I mean, isn't that just the cutest??!!!!

These are just so darn cute! I love the patches on the jeans and love the faded details!

I have a star sweater too, so Mason and I could be twins!

I love the neon green on this jacket! So cute with the star design!

These are so cute! I wished they had some that would fit me!

This would be perfect with the sweatpants above!
I'm not sure if Brandon would be a fan of this on his little boy, but I love the print!!!
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