Sunday, September 7, 2014

mw: newborn pictures

mw was under a week old when we had his newborn pictures taken. these are just so darn precious and i am so, so glad that we decided to get newborn pictures. he is already growing so fast! i am going to get some of these in the black & white to go into his room, some in my office, some in our bedroom, and well, just everywhere!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

our happy baby

"wait! who are you again? and why are you trying to make me smile?"
"oh, yeah, daddy-O!"

"oh daddy, you are the funniest!"

"haha! you just crack me up!"

"now i know why mama loves you!"

"that joke was the funniest!"

"okay, must get back to business!"
"no more mr. nice guy."
we just love getting this little guy to smile. and we take it when we can :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

things i loved in august

hope you all had a great labor day weekend! we had a lot of fun yesterday. one of bd's coworkers invited us over for dinner with her and her family. we had a really good time & had a lot of great conversations. she even held mw so we could eat while the food was hot. we have honestly been so blessed with great coworkers & friends who have helped us so much! afterwards, we came home & had s'mores and swam with some of our friends from church. we definitely live for the weekends & for holidays!!!
here are a few things that i loved during the month of august!

i was looking for a setting powder & the girl at sephora recommended this one to me. it has a very slight glitter in it that is supposed to make you look luminous. glitter might not be the best word for it because wearing this won't make your face shiny, i promise! 

i have to admit that i don't use this on my cheek. i use it on my lips & i really like it. it gives a stain like effect and doesn't dry out my lips.

my girlfriend e gifted me this diaper bag. i've been loving this and it fits all of mw's stuff and also mine as i use this as my purse + diaper bag. she also gifted me this changing pad which i love and use all the time. visit her stella & dot shop here.

i was seriously panicking after a couple of weeks of waking up in the wee hours with mw. i was getting so exhausted and i just couldn't handle it anymore. enter this book shared by my girlfriend k. she let me borrow her copy. i've since ordered my own! there are lots of books out there about sleep training but so far, i have really enjoyed this one and it seems to be working so far!

happy september! we are officially on countdown for the in laws & my sister in law who are coming this month!


Friday, August 29, 2014

mw: seven weeks

it's amazing how fast time is passing and how quickly he is growing. now that he can see farther away, he is finally staring at the little animals on his rocker. he can stare at them for a while too. it's fun just to watch him look at them.
he is growing out of his newborn clothes and i'm afraid he is growing out of his size 1 diapers as well. i hope to use them for a few more days, but we'll see. we haven't had a diaper explosion in a while now, but i'm afraid we may be nearing that bridge again. his neck continues to grow strong. he loves to take baths as well. i'll have to tell you all about the best bath tub that i've found. and best because of the incidents that this child has had.
he has started smiling a little, it comes and goes. the other day, he gave his dad a little smile and filled with joy, his dad guffawed. yes, flat out guffawed - bd style. if you know him, when he laughs, it is a little cray cray. well, his guffaw scared the little smile right out of mw and he started crying. it was cute.
we love this little guy and love watching him grow up!
happy friday!

"what are these things mommy?"

"you are not cuter than me!"

"i will stare you down if i must!"

"i'm the cutest of them all!"

Monday, August 25, 2014

6 weeks check up

i had my 6-week checkup with my doctor this morning. i weighed in at 118 lbs. my midwife said that i can start upping my exercise. the only thing that i have really been doing is walking. i have done a little bit of yoga and another post-pregnancy workout video, but that has been minimal. i'll continue to increase the number of days that i work out and continue to try different work outs as my body allows.
i'm not in a rush to get back my body. i just want to continue to work out and be able to walk up a flight of stairs without breathing hard ;) 

i still have a bulge on my belly so this picture may be a bit misleading.

excited to work out again!