Monday, July 21, 2014

body after pregnancy

now that my baby boy is out and about, i'm relearning my body. i'm doing all the things that i wasn't able to do before, like laying on my tummy, putting on my own shoes, bending over and picking up things, etc. i've been taking it pretty easy this past week and will continue to do so. we did go for a light walk this afternoon and mw had his first two-miler.

i found this terrific article here on the changes to your body after childbirth. there were some things that i was definitely curious about and this article did help me with those questions that i had.

prior to having mw, i picked up the cinch at izzy maternity. i had looked at the belly bandit, but it wasn't adjustable to as many sizes and i knew that i wanted something that was adjustable since a lot of my girlfriends had mentioned that after having a baby, you do still look 6 months pregnant.

i wore the cinch as soon as i got home from the hospital and only take it off when i shower and when i feed mw (since i had some leaking get on the band and i was tired of hand washing it so often). Here is a little bit information on the history of wrapping.

it's super easy to use and easy to adjust. 


i love how much size options you have with this particular band.
happy monday!

Friday, July 18, 2014

mw: one week old

my little guy is one week old. so far this week:

-he's enjoyed face timing with his grandma and grandpa.
-he listened to his first hmong songs last night.
-he slept in his bassinet without us having to hold him. we found one that is absolutely perfect. it has vibrations along with music.
-he had his newborn pictures taken :) i can't wait to see those pictures!
-he's been trying to hold his head up.
-he's peeling like crazy. per the pediatrician, this is normal since he is used to being in liquid.
-he continues to eat every three hours.
-today we went to the pediatrician and he is now 6 lb 10 oz, a 6 oz weight gain from tuesday's pediatrician visit. yay!

have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

first pediatrician visit

yesterday was his first trip to the pediatrician. his measurements are currently:

height: 19 3/4 (42%)
weight: 6lb 4 oz (9%)
head circumference: 3 1/2 (17%)

he is still so tiny and we will be going back to the pediatrician on friday to make sure that he has gained weight. he is being breastfed and has been doing great so i am hoping that he will have gained more weight when we go back.

i'm working on his birth story so i should have that done sometime this week. thanks for checking in on this little cutie.


 his little poker face.

my favorite time is when he is sleeping on my chest. his little warm body just breathing. i just love him so much!

this face cracks me up. he is just looking so serious all the time.

Monday, July 14, 2014

our little boy

who knew that when i pleaded with my little man here to come soon, he would be such a good boy and come so soon. we had our little boy friday, july 11th at 7:43pm, after a super long and hard labor. we are both feeling so blessed and just falling in love with our little boy. it's surreal that he's finally here, but it is hard to even imagine what life was like before him. such a weird feeling to be a mom and i am loving it.

i haven't decided if i would post up his birth story on here or not. if you want me to, let me know!

this was taken minutes after he was born. worth all the pain in the world.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

until we meet

the pleasures been all mine to house you for the past 9 months or so. but now, i'm ready for you to vacate. for the past 9 months, we've had plenty of time to bond. i've gained around 40 lbs. i've succumbed to your cravings. tomato basil from jason's would have never been my food of choice. i haven't ate it since, and i don't know if this coming winter, i will be partaking again. i've missed out on fall, spring and summer clothes shopping. i've lived in pretty much 6-7 dresses that i can easily slip on. sandals are my friends. nights, i've laid sleepless, turning side to side to get comfortable. nausea. fatigue. you've worn me down and out. so many nights of getting up to pee, stumbling around in the dark, my eyes barely open. mornings not getting being able to put my own shoes on. and when you first became real big, i didn't really know how to put lotion on either. learning how to work around you. that i can't just get up like i used to. that the quarter i dropped isn't all that much. that i can't get up so fast. that my balance isn't all there. i no longer can tell when i'm too full, since i feel full all the time. weird things that's happened to my body, not including stretch marks.

oh but these past 9 months, i've thought about you so much. i wonder whether you'll look like your dad or you'll look like me. or maybe the best of each of us, haha. i wonder if you'll be a big napper like me, and sleep soundly like me. or a light sleeper like your dad, awoken by the man snoring in the apartment over. i wonder if you'll be outgoing and crazy like your dad, or quiet and reserved and awesome like me ;)

i can't wait to take you for walks. i can't wait to lay beside you and watch you sleep. i wonder if you'll dream and make little funny noises. or do babies dream? i wonder if you'll like the beach, and the sand in your toes. i can't wait for your little fingers to wrap them on mine. i can't wait to wake up and come see if you are awake. i can't wait for you to give me the little baby stank-eyes that babies' faces make. i can't wait to watch you experience saturdays, weekends, ice cream, happiness, christmas, halloween.

oh honey bunny, one more week until we meet. and you better not make me wait.