It's been a long time coming

Friday, September 4, 2015

Brandon and I've been married for quite some time now. And he has been working so hard to learn my language. He's ordered books, CDs, and apps to help him learn, and yet he has been struggling because of the lack of materials out there. 

Our church stresses the importance of teaching gospel principles in the home, and I think this applies to many many other things as well. Throughout Brandon's self-learning process, I've been out of the formula. I've blamed it on work, but as someone else pointed out, it is my fault that he has not been able to learn my language. I speak Hmong, and yet I have not helped my husband learn my language. He's gone out on his own, and have tried so so hard, and I have just sat on the sideline. 

This week, I finally decided, I am going to help him as much as I can. I've put up labels around the house, and have created flashcards so that we can practice each evening. I've also been more conscientious in speaking Hmong around him and Mason. I want Mason to know how to speak Hmong and without Brandon knowing, it would be hard. I see kids whose parents are both Hmong struggle, so yes it will be a challenge if I'm the only one speaking Hmong to him. 

I'm excited, and I know that with my extra effort, Brandon and Mason will be able to speak Hmong as well. 


Cooking With: Eggplants

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I love Thai food. Like, love love love it. No words to describe it enough. There's something comforting about a plate of rice with warm curry on top.

I had bought some eggplants at the farmer's market, and I decided to use them in my curry. Growing up, my mom used eggplants a lot and I learned to really love it. One side note, it has the tendency to soak up sauce and oil, but I love that about eggplants since the eggplants get really tasty!

One can of panang curry
One can of coconut milk
Cut up chicken
Two cut up eggplants
Vegetable oil

Heat up the oil, and add in the panang curry. Let cook for a few minutes, stirring frequently so the curry does not burn. Add the one half of the can of coconut milk. Add in the chicken until cooked. Add in the other half of the coconut milk. Add in the eggplants. Stir, and cover. Check every so often so that the curry does not burn. Once the eggplants are soft, your eggplant panang curry is done.



Wisconsin Dells

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On one of our days out in Wisconsin, we made it out to the Wisconsin Dells. The weather wasn't as warm as we liked it to be, but it was an off day for my brother, so off we went. I had only heard about the Dells, oh the Dells. So I was excited to finally see what it's all about!

We got a great deal on tickets to Mt. Olympus, which is a super rad water park & resort. The clouds came & went. We so loved loved it!


I am not a big fan of roller coasters or rides such as this, but I wanted to capture a picture of it! Even the kid's version of this scares me. Haha!

Despite the cooler temperatures, Mason enjoyed being in the water, and splashing around. Good thing since we have swim lessons coming up soon for him!

This was such a nice area for smaller kids and babies. There was plenty of room for him to have fun in.

My brother took him down a baby slide. So cute!

My sweet brother took him on some little rides. 

The upside down White House

We walked around the Strip where the streets were filled to the brim with t-shirt stores. Mason slept for most of the walk, but it was nice to be all touristy.

praying with a baby

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I love praying around Mason. Mainly because I can peek at him while he looks at us. If I'm within reach, his favorite thing to do is to slap me in the face. I know, rude! He does this same thing if you are sleeping. If you are not within reach, he loves to stare and see what you are doing. He'll look up at your face and stare. His curious little mind is just blown, I'm sure. Once before when we were praying with a group of us, he crawled around just looking at everyone's faces.

Happy Monday!


Milwaukee Beaches

Friday, August 28, 2015

I have flown into and out of Milwaukee, but that has been the extent of my previous time there. This time around, our situations were that we had some time to spend there. Oh, the houses! Absolutely breathtaking. When I go again, I want to walk down the sidewalk and just admire these houses. Big, beautiful, and full of character! And each one is just as beautiful as the last! Across from these houses was the beach! And it stretched, and stretched!

The day was beautiful, and everyone was out enjoying the weather. There were people laying out, playing volleyball, biking, walking, people watching. It was perfection.

Here's to hoping you have a perfect weekend!


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