Sidewalk Chalk

Monday, July 6, 2015

These sidewalk chalks were left at our place, and on a particularly cooler day (we are up in the 100s these days), we went outside to practice a little artwork on the back patio. Our artwork and fun was simple. A few circles here, a few triangles there. Nothing fancy.

We have found ourselves a temporary home. A tiny place, but a place that will fit our needs. A place with quite a bit of light. A place that won't make me sad that I will have moved three times this year already. A place with a back patio that we can continue to do some artwork on. 


Fort Vancouver

Sunday, July 5, 2015

While driving around trying to find where we were supposed to be going, we drove past these beautiful old homes that lined the old military housing. These homes have long since been turned into  businesses - psychiatrist office, dentist office, restaurant, and the likes. There was one home that was a private residence. Lucky! We walked around Fort Vancouver, and imagined what it was like when it was first built, and all those who lived in it. I imagined soldiers doing their morning work outs, sitting on the grass enjoying their lunch, dancing in the auditorium, buying cigarettes at the shop. It would be so cool to get a glimpse of what the ordinary day was like back then.

We hope you had a good July 4th weekend!


Flashback Friday

Friday, July 3, 2015

In middle school, we lived in a house that was beside a large red brick building. The building sat back further from the street then our house, and in our yard, we would spend all afternoon and evening kicking the ball against the brick wall. Oh how nice that yard was!

It was flat, and we would play long, Sunday games of kickball. There was enough room for three bases, and we would play until the sun was too tired. And soccer. That was very big in our family growing up, so we would split up the kids, and play soccer. I learned how to properly kick the ball, although truth be told, I still haven't fully mastered the kick. Out there, I learned about people like Pele and Romario. 

There was honeysuckles that lined the end of our yard, and when they started popping out, my cousin and I would spend time tasting the sweetness they gave so freely. In that yard, we also had blackberries. There weren't a lot, and we cleaned them out way before they could be ripe enough.

Oh how I loved that backyard, and all the memories that were made in that backyard. Our current yard is quite a beauty too, and the land beside us currently houses two hungry calves that we visit on our way to the mailbox.

We hope you are having a good Fourth of July!


Early Morning

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The days here start really, really early. The sun is up before 5am. Around that time, Mason is usually crying out for his habitual bottle. Sometimes I get that for him. Sometimes Brandon does. Sometimes I sleep through it all, and wake up when Mason does. Sometimes I get up instead. Our current living situation is so that we have taken up two rooms with a jack and jill bathroom. If I decide to get up instead, I tip toe over to the other room, and leave the doors ajar because sometimes we put him in our bed for his first bottle of the day. And nobody enjoys an early morning wakeup call of a carpeted floor.

I spend the early morning dinking on my computer, reading this and the other. And eventually, I will hear little sounds. Or little legs kicking around blankets.

I'll walk quietly over to the door so as not to alarm him. If he's not already in our bed, I'll put him in our bed. He'll want to snuggle a little, and I'll rub his back. Sometimes he grunts, and we take turns grunting for a little while. As much as I want to stay in my robe all day, and lay there with Mason, he'll eventually get tired of laying around, and I'm forced to get ready. I'll keep all the doors open so he can wonder between the two bedrooms, and the bathroom (although I leave the shower and toilet room closed as he's taken a liking to the toilet paper roll). By the time that I'm done getting ready and getting dressed, he'll be ready to go downstairs and start playing.

And so our day starts.

Waters and Mountains

Monday, June 29, 2015

I don't know if the word to use would be naive. Or maybe there is a better word. Nonetheless, I think our decision to stay in Georgia for so long was a bit of a naive one. In my little mind, the West coast, specifically Washington, was too cold for me and too dreary for me. The thought of moving here was a bit absurd for me. But when the stars aligned, and all was said, and done, and here we are - it just feels right.

I remember visiting my brother in Wisconsin 4 or 5 years ago close to Christmas time. It was very cold, and the first time I have ever seen a snow blower. We went to a local restaurant to have some egg rolls. While there, a gentleman came in to pick up an order. We got to talking with him, and somehow the conversation led to how he ended up there. Family he said.

I haven't given much thought to what he said after that until recently. It's not that Georgia wasn't close to my family, but for so long, Brandon had been away from his family, and those once every other year trips just wasn't enough anymore.

We've gotten to see Brandon's families more often already, and it has been splendid. Not only that, but the weather hasn't been the dreariness that I feared, though winter may bring that. And the waters, and the mountains. Those will have to carry me through the dreariness this winter.


Playing at Point No Point Park. What a name huh?

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